Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Recipe Swap

My very first recipe swap was for Dessert. Despite being the worst baker in the universe, this recipe was pretty good (and simple). I had to make changes to it, since I am not eating wheat/gluten/grains or dairy, but all in all it was pretty good. I'm SURE it would have been much much better in its original form!! One day I'll give the original a whirl (you know, when I'm not stuffing my sausage body in my clothes anymore)

Here is the original recipes for those who aren't chunky dunks like yours truly....

CRACKER CANDY (from lmary0405)

1 Bag chocolate chips (12oz bag)
2 stick butter
1 cup brown sugar
enough saltines to line a cookie sheet.

Line a cookie sheet with foil then a sheet of saltines. Melt butter and brown sugar over medium heat until low boil, boil for 3 minutes. Pour mixture over crackers, bake 400 degress for 5 minutes (make sure not to do any more then 5 minutes because it burns fast and tastes terrible!). Sprinkle chocolate chips over hot candy, let sit for a minute then spread. Let cool and break into pieces. I prefer mine in the freezer but room temp or in the fridge is fine too.

I used crackers made from nuts instead of saltines, and olive oil instead of 2 sticks of butter. I also used 3 dark cocoa bars instead of regular chocolate chips since they have milk in them. Also, where it says to make sure not to do more than 5 minutes - they meant it! These things burn easily!

All in all, this was an excellent recipe, and my kids scarfed it all up as well! I will post pictures when I remember to download my camera to my computer!! Can't wait for the next swap!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Baaackk!!

A group of internet friends do this recipe swap every few weeks. Being the horrible chef that I am, I never joined in on the fun, but I have finally decided to suck it up! So...I'll be back here more often to post the recipes, pictures and results of these various swaps.

But for now, I have found a DELICIOUS wheat free/grain free lasagna!! I made this last night, and the whole family was asking for seconds!! For those who are carb counting, this is also a good one for you! Check it out!

2lbs ground beef (I get 93% lean)
1lb italian sausage (I use applegate farms brand - no preservatives)
1 red onion - diced
4 cloves of crushed garlic (which I actually forgot and it was STILL good!)
2 tbsp dried basil
2 tbsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp of sea salt
2 tbsp olive oil
28 oz can of diced tomatoes, drained
small can tomato paste
1 cup organic black olives sliced (I put more in though - I LOVE me some olives!)
4-6 zucchinis sliced thinly, lengthwise (these act as the 'noodles')

In a large pot, saute onions and garlic in the olive oil for about 3 minutes (looking back now, I have NO IDEA how I forgot the damn garlic! who does that?!) Add in the ground beef and sausage to brown. I added all of the dry ingredients at this point too so the flavor was evenly distributed. Once browned, add in the tomatoes and tomato paste and stir well.

In a large lasagna pan, line the bottom with a layer of sliced zukes (I made my bottome layer a little thick in order to be able to 'scoop' better). Top this layer with the meaty heaven, and then top that with as many or as little olives as you'd like (for me that mean an entire can!) Throw another layer of zukes on top as you would lasagna noodles, and then top off with the meaty heaven again. Top with the olives, cover tightly with tinfoil, and bake it at 350 degrizzles for about 40 minutes.

Also, I don't eat dairy (right now) so I didn't add cheese, but I'll bet that some riccotta or mozzy would make this meal TO DIE for!! This fed our entire family of 4, and I had some left over for lunch today, so it's ALOT of food.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Half Year and Happy BIRTH day!!

This'll be a quick one, as I'm chunky and need to go with the fam to the diner for my weekly dose of pancakes! :)
Here's one picture from my phone! :) More to follow!!!

And happy BIRTHday to my baby niece, Nali (pronounced like Molly), born 9/11, 12:25AM, 6 lbs 13 oz!!! Welcome to the crazy world baby girl!!

And on this day, let's take a moment and remember - 9/11 - NEVER forgotten!!!

"And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I title this post as such because tomorrow is such a horrible, tragic day to be remembered, but at the same time, my little princess will be 6 months. Yes, one half of a year old!! Where the hell did the time go? I feel like everytime I blink, I lose a day of my life! My mom always told me to enjoy things because they go by in a flash. When I was younger, I never paid attention. But this, my friends, is what she was talking about!! I will try to post a picture of my beautiful (but sick today) little baby girl tomorrow with her "six month" sign held proud!

On the thorn note, let's please remember those who died, suffered, lost their lives, gave their lives, and left their families 9 years ago. September 11th affected EVERYONE whether or not they directly lost someone. So when you wake up to your family, friends and beautiful children tomorrow, please take a moment to reflect how lucky we are to be able to give tomorrow morning's hugs and kisses. GOD BLESS everyone who was lost, those who lost someone, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Need a wedding, baby or just an amazing photographer in general?

I got your gal! Her name is Anne Constance - her game is photography (obviously). I was just looking through my facebook pictures (because that's what a mom of 2 does at night - boring things like that) and I came across baby Carys' newborn pictures, featuring Baby Carys, of course, but also the amazing Brandon. These pictures are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if I might say so myself! Here's a few to jog your memory if you've already seen them, or make you say ooohhh...ahhhhh...if you haven't:

I mean - I know she's got an easy pallet to work with, but you can't deny that the woman's got talent! Go to her website to see for yourself (even if it's just to view her completely, totally, really cute brandy new twin boys, Cash and Vaughn). The website is . I haven't figured out how to insert links yet in the blog world, but I'm workin' on it!

Still, even with a not-so-perfect pallet, the girl's got game! Annie also took our engagement pictures and wedding pictures, so while I'm on the subject, I'll give you a little glimpse of what a true photographer can do for a person...I actually look pretty damn hot in these next pictures!

Gotta tip my hat to her! She makes my already amazing family look...well...even MORE amazing! Thanks, Anne! Many, many more photoshoots to come! :)

There, Their and They're - It makes a world of difference!

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be the best speller or typer in the universe, so there may be mistakes on my blog from time to time. BUT...with that said:

Seriously, people! In around 3rd grade, we really start to learn our grammar and spelling. I am baffled on the daily by people who cannot decipher the difference between these 3 words! Let me give you (as in those who do not know) a little lesson :

1. THERE are a lot of people that can't spell in this world.
Look at that moron over THERE who can't spell.

2. Do these people really think THEIR grammar is good?

3. THEY'RE going to have to go back to 3rd grade if they keep this nonsense up!

So THERE you have it - there, their and they're. I'll be here all night folks!!

Next lessons up: your and you're and it's and its!!! Stay tuned!

It's a Scary World Out There!

While I'm on the "serious" post kick, here's another for you...

The older I get, the more I become aware of the scary ass things that happen in this world. Raising two children (and maybe 3 one day) in this day and age is truly a frightening thing to do! Reading and researching, while keeping me up to date, is also ruining my originally untainted perception of how people really are! When I was a child, my parents shielded us from the bad and evil in the world as much as possible. Now, years later, I am able to see and understand the harsh reality and it is S.C.A.R.Y!!! I can only hope I can shield my children as much as my parents did, without making them naive about what can happen to them in certain circustances and the reprocussions of certain actions!

I read an article yesterday about a man who was pulled over in Buffalo, NY for speeding. While the police were doing their routine checks, they heard something in the trunk. This sick, deranged man had a LIVE kitten in there, marinating in oil and peppers!! I can't even make this shit up! He was "mad" at his cat and was planning on taking him home and COOKING HIM ALIVE!! Seriously, it makes you sit back and wonder what the hell went wrong in this guy's life?! Thank god he was speeding and got pulled over! I can't imagine what that poor little kitty would have gone through!!!

This is just one small story in a world of fucked-up-ness. That's the scariest part! Things are happening right under our noses, but we just don't see them (or some may see them, but not react!) Our world has put a lot of fear in me, and that's a shame. We all have fears. What are you fears? Are they real, feasible fears, or silly ones like spiders and dark? I honestly don't have many fears. I try to stay as fear-free as possible in the attempt to enjoy all aspects of life as best as possible, but here are 4 of mine:

1. First and foremost, losing my son or daughter. This is a fear that lives in my head all day everyday. I wish I could get it out and just enjoy them and life, but it's just too real of a fear to go away. I've heard of/known entirely too many people that have lost their children at such young ages, and it's just so sad.
2. Losing anyone in my family/friends, and specifically my mommy! Death isn't "supposed" to be scary, it's part of life, right? But dammit - it is scary!! Losing my dad when I was 17 makes this fear way too close to my heart!
3.Spiders (or really any type of icky bug) - this is one of my silly ones, but I can't even kill one! Sad part is, neither can my husband, so we have to leave it up to the expert - my 2 year old son!!
4.The dark. I don't know what it is, but I either DO see shit in the dark, or my imagination is uber crazy! I can't even sleep downstairs by myself without hearing some sort of noise or thinking I see something. I am THAT adult that needs a nightlight!!

And to end this post, I'd like to lighten up by telling you....