Friday, September 10, 2010

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

I title this post as such because tomorrow is such a horrible, tragic day to be remembered, but at the same time, my little princess will be 6 months. Yes, one half of a year old!! Where the hell did the time go? I feel like everytime I blink, I lose a day of my life! My mom always told me to enjoy things because they go by in a flash. When I was younger, I never paid attention. But this, my friends, is what she was talking about!! I will try to post a picture of my beautiful (but sick today) little baby girl tomorrow with her "six month" sign held proud!

On the thorn note, let's please remember those who died, suffered, lost their lives, gave their lives, and left their families 9 years ago. September 11th affected EVERYONE whether or not they directly lost someone. So when you wake up to your family, friends and beautiful children tomorrow, please take a moment to reflect how lucky we are to be able to give tomorrow morning's hugs and kisses. GOD BLESS everyone who was lost, those who lost someone, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

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