Thursday, August 12, 2010

Need a wedding, baby or just an amazing photographer in general?

I got your gal! Her name is Anne Constance - her game is photography (obviously). I was just looking through my facebook pictures (because that's what a mom of 2 does at night - boring things like that) and I came across baby Carys' newborn pictures, featuring Baby Carys, of course, but also the amazing Brandon. These pictures are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if I might say so myself! Here's a few to jog your memory if you've already seen them, or make you say ooohhh...ahhhhh...if you haven't:

I mean - I know she's got an easy pallet to work with, but you can't deny that the woman's got talent! Go to her website to see for yourself (even if it's just to view her completely, totally, really cute brandy new twin boys, Cash and Vaughn). The website is . I haven't figured out how to insert links yet in the blog world, but I'm workin' on it!

Still, even with a not-so-perfect pallet, the girl's got game! Annie also took our engagement pictures and wedding pictures, so while I'm on the subject, I'll give you a little glimpse of what a true photographer can do for a person...I actually look pretty damn hot in these next pictures!

Gotta tip my hat to her! She makes my already amazing family look...well...even MORE amazing! Thanks, Anne! Many, many more photoshoots to come! :)