Thursday, August 12, 2010

There, Their and They're - It makes a world of difference!

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be the best speller or typer in the universe, so there may be mistakes on my blog from time to time. BUT...with that said:

Seriously, people! In around 3rd grade, we really start to learn our grammar and spelling. I am baffled on the daily by people who cannot decipher the difference between these 3 words! Let me give you (as in those who do not know) a little lesson :

1. THERE are a lot of people that can't spell in this world.
Look at that moron over THERE who can't spell.

2. Do these people really think THEIR grammar is good?

3. THEY'RE going to have to go back to 3rd grade if they keep this nonsense up!

So THERE you have it - there, their and they're. I'll be here all night folks!!

Next lessons up: your and you're and it's and its!!! Stay tuned!

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