Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's been 1 month, and 20 days!

...and there's no doubt that I'm horrible at this blogging thing. I highly even doubt anyone is still following (or really that anyone was following in the first place). But, it's still therapeutic to let it all out sometimes, so I will continue to come here and let'er rip! I'll try, really I will try to come more often, but with a 2.5 year old (as of yesterday) and a 3.5 month old, it is not an easy task!

So today, before going to work, I packed the kids up and brought them to NYC. We went to a company called "Expecting Models" because they had called about Brandon and wanted to meet him. We went with our cutest outfits on (well not me, but the kids!) and they loved him. They also asked if I would be interested in modeling Carys as well, since they were sure that she'd get tons of jobs. We'll see! I decided to have them represent the kids, and we'll go from there!

Honestly, nothing else is new. I'm sure there are MANY things that I have been "Peevin'" about lately, but I just can't remember, and haven't had time to post them. I have been struggling with trying to begin a diet, or at least eating better. I need to lose weight for myself, and I really want to feel better and more energetic for the kids. It's just so hard when week after week, I have fun activities and parties, etc planned. Who wants to go to a wedding and not drink and eat yummy food? Who goes down the shore and DOESN'T want to get a midway cheese steak!? Summer is just a horrible dieting season for me, and it's beginning to show! Hopefully god will grant me the will power to begin after the 4th of July!

All else is calm on the Whitehead front, but as soon as I have something good and interesting to post....I'll be back! :)

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  1. well I'm still reading, miss.
    That's awesome about the modeling with the kids - I hope it works out; they are so darn cute.

    You have to really focus on the diet, D. How bad do you want it, seriously? Do you want to be unhappy forever and struggle losing your baby weight for the next 5 years? Because it only gets harder and harder the longer you wait. Trust me, I waited a year and it took me 3 years to lose my 95 lbs. and I still struggle. You have to become LASER BEAM focused on what your gola is...even if its 3 lbs. then you can change your goals as you go along. Set a goal that's easy to accomplish so you feel good like "I will NOT have a midway cheesesteak this weekend"...I haven't had one in more than 4 years!!! You CAN do without. I eat BEFORE I go to birthday parties and activities or I bring a bag of snacks with me to hold me over until after when I can get something else. And Tell Terrell to stop eating out or else!! and just don't go with him!