Friday, July 30, 2010

It's the little things...

"It's the little things in life that matter." This saying is so true. Of all the things in life that make me happy, it ALWAYS the little things (and little people) that make me the happiest. Brandon's kisses melt my heart. Carys' coos have me whipped. How can I resist a hug from my little man when I hear in his little kid voice, "I wuv you so much, Mommy...." or "what's wrong sweetheart, hunny?" (clearly he listens to what I say entirely too much!!) My children own me! It will always be these things that make my clock tick. Tonight, Brandon and I are alone, and we watched The Wizard of Oz, and Care Bears the Movie. I had more fun tonight than I have had in a long time! Lame? maybe, but true...and I'm okay with that!

With that said, I can't say that the big things in life DON'T make me happy! Two days ago I booked a cruise with my hubby, kids and two of my nearest and dearest friends, steph and amie, and their hubbies! I CANNOT WAIT!


How will I ever get Brandon off this boat with these rediculous slides?? (well, really i'm more worried about dragging my child husband away!!)

Movie and a drink (or 10) EVERYNIGHT? I will definitely be able to get used to that!

I'm so excited to bring Brandon on this cruise now that he's at a fun age...and I'm SO excited to be going with our friends! This will be a vacation to remember forever!!! 162 days from today! (yup, i'm counting...bite me!)

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