Monday, April 26, 2010


Pet Peeves. Everyone's got one. I happen to have a million. So here's my pet peeve for today. I go to the gyno today for my 6 week post partum check up. Joy. I'd seriously rather stick needles in my eyes than go to this appointment, but I sport my smile, grab Carys, and head to to doc. I got there on time, and sat for about 25 minutes. Why do they tell you an appointment time if you're going to sit for 25 minutes?! But this, my friends, isn't even my main pet peeve for the day. When I get called into the exam room, why oh why oh why oh must I sit spread eagle, nakey as a newborn baby, on this cold, leather table for FORTY FIVE FUCKING MINUTES??!! Seriously? I mean I wasn't happy about the 25 minute wait in the warm waiting room with my clothes on, but I'd MUCH rather that than bearing my v-jay for all to see for almost an hour! Not only that, but can't they put a stronger paper type material on the table? My fat ass sticks to the paper, and rips it. This really makes for uncomfortable convo as the gyno comes in to see me and I "scoooch down" as she tells me to do, with paper stuck to my oversized load (as if a 35 year old women's fingers in my jaybird isn't uncomfortable enough!)

Seriously, why's this bitch so happy?

So...Moral of the story - all doctors suck, and they should work on MY WATCH, not theirs!:)

oh, to make matters worse, I learned that I cannot attempt a vaginal birth with my next kid since I've had 2 C-sections, and I learned that I weigh WAY more than I thought. All in all, a good day, wouldn't ya say?

Stick around for a new edition of PEEVIN' comin' soon. It's only a matter of time before someone else pisses me off!


  1. Your use of vocabulary and exploratory grammar made me crack up uncontrollably. You're hilarious but SOOOOOOOOO right. Ridiculous.

    I stopped counting my pet peeves when they exceeded 45,000

    <3 you

  2. At least my doctor is a cutie :)