Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fo' Real??

I just saw these on the internet, and I had to post about them. These are the most ridiculous, overpriced, stupid, pieces of shit ever. (well, maybe not ever, but SERIOUSLY??) Sunglasses that double as a comb? I'm all for saving space and being efficient...but do you really not have enough room in your purse (or plastic shopping bag as I use since I'm too broke to buy a bag), car, home, whatever, to have both a pair of sunglasses AND a comb? A freakin' COMB? It's like 6 inches long! The things that people make money off of seriously baffle me. They WOULD be chanel too - everything chanel blows in my mind. Waste of money! If any of you buy these, you should be shot! What's next? A hat that doubles as a pair of underwear so you don't have to overpack when you go away? C'mon people!

1 comment:

  1. Are they labeled as comb glasses or are you just assuming so because they look like that?

    Maybe that's just the style?? who the eff knows...high fashion blows my mind, I just don't get it sometimes