Sunday, April 25, 2010

25 days brings a lot of changes!

Again, horrible blogger. I'm going to start setting a reminder in my phone each night to blog! I mainly came out because my friend Amie claims she truly loves reading my posts, so this one's for you girl! :)

Where to start, where to start? Well I started my diet in the past 25 days. Since I stopped breastfeeding on Thursday (when Carys was 6 weeks) I figured I'd cut all the calories out since I don't need them anymore! I wanted to breastfeed her longer, but I guess it's just not for me. I was pumping, and wasn't getting ANYTHING, so I couldn't deal anymore. With this diet, I have found a new beer that I have been enjoying. 64 calories...not bad! :)

I also turned 28 in the past 25 days. I went to the city the night before my birthday with 3 close friends and their significant others. We went to comedy cellar and had a blast. I was a drunken mess (shocker) and had to depend on my mom to watch the kids all day on my birthday due to my raging headache!

Brandon has successfully gotten Carys sick TWICE in her 6 short little weeks with us! He sticks his boogery nose in her mouth all the time, and time outs don't phase him. I have one helluva kid on my hands! I hoping age 3 is better than age 2 (even tho I have a while to go) Not only is carys sick, but I now have a double ear infection, possible strep throat and a horrible head cold. Good thing I'm on maternity leave and am not missing work! Speaking of that...I still have another month and some days left until leave is over! I'm lovin' it!

I bought myself a new camera for my birthday. The Canon Rebel XSi. I haven't used it yet because I need to get a memory card, but I can't wait to play around with it. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures of my babies coming up soon!!! I feel guilty that I haven't taken more of Carys since I have 10000's of brandon when he was first born!

Now that everyone is semi caught up with my life, I will really try to get on more often (and really might set that reminder I was talking about). I know Amie is waiting at the edge of her seat for another post!!!

With Love,
Dana D-W ;)

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