Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 for 1!

I'm really bad at this blog stuff, huh? I've been meaning to get on to update you all on my uber boring life, but I just haven't had time. I have a little down time now while I watch Wow Wow Wubsy on Nick with Brandon, and poor sick little Carys is in her swing. Yup, Brandon got her sick with a cold at less than 3 weeks old!!! I should have known this would happen! All those dirty kids in daycare rubbing boogers all over each other! That's even too gross for a woman of my grossness!!

As for the 2 for 1 title...I have not only been puked on tonight (from head to toe I might add - required a wardrobe change for both me and baby!), but Brandon also busted my lip with his hard ass head, and I have a fat lip. Lookin' good I must say!! Both were a first in my book, so I'm very excited to report that. (insert sarcasm here)

Other than that, all is quite on the Whitehead front. I've been feeding Carys and pumping my boobs like a cow, and still not producing enough milk to feed a little baby! Painful doesn't begin to explain it, but I refuse to give up after buying a 279 dollar breast pump! Brandon particularly enjoys this part of the day, as he asks, "mommy - you makin' 'MULK'?" :) Im very, very VERY surprised he hasn't asked to suck my boob or drink the milk!

Brandon has found his first, and favorite curse word (no thanks to dad and his road rage language). He has been saying, "f***in man!" for the past few days. Despite telling him it's not nice, and he shouldn'tsay it, he continues to, while saying, "Daddy does that!". Oh the joys of motherhood! If only my mom heard him say it! My whole family would be grounded!

Time to put Brandon to sleep - maybe he can dream up some more "fun" words to get me in trouble! Hopefully I'll get back on soon to say hello!

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