Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You made it to post #2!

Congratuations to me! Someone is actually reading more than one of my posts!!! So today was filled with what the pregnant world likes to call nesting. Sure I'm uncomfortable and I may even leak some pee in my pants once in a while, but why would that stop me from cleaning, and RE-cleaning my upstairs all day?! Carys' new room is spic n span and ready to go! Well other than the two holes hubby put in the wall to try to hang a shelf...FAIL!! I always tell him to leave it up to the experts (ie me, or the contractors) but he never listens. So, now I had to go to Babies R Us and get some fun Fuzzy Pooh artwork to cover the holes. another 30 bucks down the drain! Here are some pictures of the room.

Her cute bow holder with her name on it:

Cute little clothes that I never thought I'd EVER own! :)

One of the imfamous holes Terrell so elegantly added to the room:

After that little fiasco, I no longer trust him with the drill, sooooo...when he went out to home depot to return some stuff, I decided to put this masterpiece together...with the power drill...oh..9 months pregnant!! Whatta man Terrell has found!! It's a toy box that turns into a chair for "baby" B. My mom bought this for Brandon at Christmastime, and we never got around to putting it together, so I decided it was time. Apparently 9 months pregs is the appropriate time to sit indian style on the floor with a manly power tool.

All in all, it was an uneventful day full of back breaking work, and now I can't move in my bed! I'm off to watch American Idol now - maybe I'll post about it if it's even remotely interesting tonight! Congrats to you also - you made it through boring post # 2. Maybe my life will get more exciting soon - I sure hope so for your sake!

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  1. Love Carys' room and I love that little bench/toybox thingy too! how cute. Justin is actually quite handy so I really don't even know how to operate a power tool really. hahaa good job.

    I enjoy your blog btw!