Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New to the Blog World!!

Hello all ZERO followers! :) This is my first post in my, hopefully, extremely long life of blogging! My good friend, Kristen, inspired me by sharing her blog-o-nonsense with me. Yes, it is nonsense, but still fun to read, so I figured I'd give it a whirl! Maybe, just MAYBE, someone will enjoy reading mine as well, though I'm not as hip and up to date on fashion trends and makeup as she is!!

Today, I am 38 weeks pregnant! I'm hoping this little girl gets here sooner than two weeks because I am truly past the point of misery. I can't sleep for the life of me, and by the time I finally fall asleep I either have Terrell, my dear husband, snoring in my ear, or Brandon, my lovely 2 year old son, calling out for me to come rub his back so he can go back to sleep at 3 am!! I'm ready to shoot this little girl out, and be on our way!

For those who don't know us well, our little girl is due March 9th, and we'll be naming her Carys Judith, or CJ. Carys is a Welsh name that we liked, and it means to love. Judith is my mom's name. We are all ready for her now...we just need HER. I'm sure Brandon won't be too happy with her arrival, but he'll get used to it!

I think that's all for now. A very boring, mundane first post, but hey - I'm new at this!!! I'll get better, I promise!

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