Friday, February 26, 2010

What's a Little Snow?

Nothing fun to report, but...hope everyone in this area is bundled, and fully stocked on whatever they need! It's still snowing here at 10 AM, and everytime I woke up in the middle of the night, I'd look outside to a white out blizzard! CRAZY! We definitely got over a foot here. We moved my car into my neighbors driveway so it wouldn't get plowed in (our drive way is out of commission for the time being). Now, only the 'Burban is in the street, but you can see that even that is quite covered!

Brandon is itching to get outside, so I popped in his favorite DVD - you know it...Willy Wonka! The good thing about this movie is that not only does it keep him occupied for an hour or so, it's my favorite movie too!! It's a win win situation!

In other relevant news, at around 6 am, Terrell and I woke up to a horribly loud noise, and looked at each other wondering what it was. Turns out a tree fell in our back yard (and one in the front yard too, figures) and missed our brand new kitchen roof by like 2 inches! This picture doesn't do it justice, but I figured I'd share anyway...

I will be having all of our trees removed in our backyard come spring - I can't take a chance with these precious jewels that we have in our home! :)

Brandon's jealousy of his sister has already begun. Last night, he found a pair of her new socks with strawberries on them. I told him, those aren't yours, they're Carys' and they're girls' socks. He kindly replied with what normally I'd be proud about, "Mommy, Carys share with Brandon." I think it's great that he understands the concept of sharing (though usually it's Mommy share with Brandon, Daddy share with Brandon...and never Brandon share with us, but it's the concept that counts, right). I couldn't explain to him that he shouldn't want girls' socks, so I gave in. Here's my cutie in his flaming 'berry socks. He's lucky he's cute!

He's still wearing his beloved socks, and I don't think I'll be getting them off of him anytime soon. Motherhood calls - Brandon decided to unleash the deamons in his diaper, and whoever smells it changes it. Unfortunately, Mommy smelled it this time!

Don't fret - I'll be back! :)

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