Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life Waits for No (Wo)man!

As many of you know, I love reading blogs - blogs about all different topics. I follow this one blog written by an "internet friend" and her hubs, and her entry today really hit home and got my mind going. Here's a brief excerpt from this entry:

"But, I feel like people are always waiting for opportunities to do things – waiting for nicer weather, more money, more time, etc. “I’ll do that when….”, or, “I can’t wait until…” But, while we’re doing all of this waiting, the world keeps going! Every time the sun sets, it takes with it our opportunities for that day. We cannot get them back"

I couldn't have said that better!! How true is this? How many times have YOU done this? "I really want to lose weight and be healthier, but I'll wait until New Year". "I really want to visit such and such a place, but I'll wait until so and so want to come with me." "I really want to take my child to the park today, but work stands in the way." I know this last one all too well. It's a daily struggle for me to fit in all of the things I want to do that day and in life in general. More times than not, I'm too tired, or too lazy to take Brandon to the park, or to the pool, or really anywhere other than home and the store. This entry makes me take a step back, and realize - my little boy will NOT be little forever. In fact, I won't even BE HERE forever to watch him live his life in its entirety. I (and we in general) need to find the time NOW to do all of these things we want to do. Life isn't promised to anyone. Life is a gift, and it's up to us to determine what to do with this gift!

So, thank you Patricia, for putting life into perspective for me today! I highly suggest this blog to anyone who follows blogs - It's truly a touching blog written by a fun, caring and real couple (that I have yet to meet, but will one day!)

With that said, Happy 5 Months to my baby girl, Carys! Proof that life truly does move too quickly!! Mommy and Daddy love you up to heaven (and back!)

And of course, I cannot forget - 150 days until our Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Dream with our amazing friends, Steph and Amy!!! Here's to crossing one thing off my infinite list of life's to do's!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I know so many people are struggling right now. Times are tough. But there IS good out there - we just have to shift our perspective to see it! :)