Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm BACK!!

....and better than ever! First off - my appologies for being MIA for a while. I was a little busy with this little thing called BIRTH!! Well, I didn't get the natural birth that I wanted, but now that it's over and done with, I'm okay with that. I have a BEAUTIFUL little girl to show for it. Due March 9th, my doctors gave me until March 11th to go into labor on my own or I had to have a C-section. Guess who wanted to wait until March 11?! I can see Carys Judith will be a lot to handle already!

I got to St. Barnabas hospital at 6:30 am (totally bummed out of my mind, and crying because I had to leave Brandon). I was originally told that Brandon couldn't visit me the entire time because of the swine flu rules in the hospital. Bummed really isn't even the word to use! Turns out, the day before, they lifted this ban, and he was allowed to come. Thank god!

By 8:30, they had me on the cold, cold COLD table with a spinal in my back. The surgery took about an hour from walking into the room until I was wheeled out. No pain, just pressure, and I finally got to meet my little girl!!!! 8lbs, 8oz, 20 inches long! She is a beauty! I'm in tons of pain now, but slowly I am getting better. I finally get to go home today and couldn't be happier to begin our lives as a family of FOUR!!!!!!

Here are a few pics to hold you over for now. When I get home, I will work on the rest!! Ta ta for now!

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  1. I cannot WAIT to see this little girl, seriously. I'm counting down the days. She's a doll, D...really. But did any of us expect her to be less than perfection! What a cutie. Can't believe how much she looks like B.

    See ya soon, my dear. BTW I nom'd ya for an award today - check me out