Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missed me, didn't ya?

I didn't have a chance to breath yesterday, let alone post for all of you fine followers. We had a 2 year old birthday party at a hotel in Fairfield for a dear friend with lots of yummy food and BEER that I couldn't drink! They borrowed Brandon's moon walk, so he had a blast with like 9 other kids. My dear hubby didn't feel well (excuses, excuses) so he stayed home.

After the party I got a heavenly mani and pedi with my mommy. It was long overdue, as I was supposed to bring her for her birthday since January 24th! BAD DAUGHTER!!

Pretty in Pink! :) You'll notice the elastic band marks around my feet since they're swelling - just another pregnancy woe, but that one doesn't bother me too much!

After my mani and pedi, I went back to my moms house for some rest and relaxation while Terrell had Brandon alone at home. Mom and I started looking up "ways to induce labor". I tried a couple of them (and pedicure being one) to see what would happen. So far, nothing, nada, zilch. I had a WHOLE beer (how DARE me!) since it says that the beer could induce. I also had red raspberry leaf tea, and spicy cheese. I refused to try castor oil, and refuse even MORE to try sex haha! Poor Terrell!

Today, I am going at 2 PM for my first true prenatal massage at some place I found on the internet - Hoboken Prenatal Massage. They let you lay on your belly! YOu have no idea how excited this makes me, since for around 9 months I've had to be on my left side, and sometimes on my right. It's the little things that excite me! My back is a ball of pain!! It's ONLY $137 for 60 minutes - kill me! I could think of a million things I could use that money for (especially if I have 20% off coupons!) but this I REALLY do need, and feel I really do deserve! Oh, and if I go into labor before it, and can't make it, I lose that $137 since it's prepaid - wouldn't it be JUST my luck if this happened to me!

So that's all I have to update. Sorry, no witty, funny or interesting updates, but I figured I'd at least pop in and say hi! Hope all is well!

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