Sunday, August 1, 2010

Silence IS a Virtue!

Terrell took the kids to see their MiMi today since she was in from Maryland. I haven't had such a good day in so long! I forgot what silence sounded like!! I got to get a Brazilian wax (yup, I FINALLY did it!), go to Target (the store that is my crack. I WILL max out my credit cards in that store one day!), Bed Bath and Beyond to get a friend a shower gift, got my nails done (toes AND fingers) and just RELAXED. A feeling I haven't felt for 4.5 months! Cheers to terrell for taking them today!!!!

Speaking of Brazilian waxes, if you've ever thought of getting one...DO IT! It's so worth it, and really wasn't too bad pain wise! I won't go into details - I'm sure no one wants the vision of Shamu on a waxing table...but let's just say I will be doing it every 4 weeks from now on!!!!

Just had to share my amazing day (which most people would find boring!). once you have children, your ideas of fun are way skewed! I'm becoming my...gasp...MOM!


  1. Sorry that I had to comment anonymously, but make sure you're getting waxed at a very sanitary place. And I mean VERY. Make sure they use gloves, different sticks every time, everything. I was getting brazilians regularly (3 years) and this past January got herpes from one. I don't mean to scare you because a lot of it had to do with the place I went to - a hair/nail salon but she didn't wear gloves. The doctor tested me, it was my first exposure and it was the oral type. Meaning she likely had a cold sore recently, touched her face and then waxed me. Don't be turned off by waxing, just be sure you don't go the cheap route. Go to a reputable place.

  2. Thank you anonymous - that's actually a really good tip. Mye - I did not go to your girl - i went to european wax center in livingston because your first time it was 19 bucks so I coudn' pass up! :) It was quite nice in there!